Royal Corinthian columns and balusters are made from a unique polymer stone material which provides classic, architectural appeal, low maintenance and long-lasting service.


Royal Corinthian produces polymer stone architectural columns using a unique centrifugal system which ensures a uniform design, and sound columns. Our polymer stone architectural columns feel and look like stone, at a fraction of the weight. Royal Corinthian is one of the few manufacturers that can create textured surfaces on our architectural columns.

Royal Corinthian Exterior Architectural ColumnsRoyal Corinthian - Exterior ColumnsRoyal Corinthian Exterior Architectural Columns

All of Royal Corinthian columns are true to classical Greco-Roman design and they are backed by Royal Corinthian's warranty. Choose from three column shaft styles—plain, fluted or twisted—and a variety of classical caps and bases. Royal Corinthian products are available in 6 different colors and you have a choice of smooth or Stonetex™ textures. You may also choose paint grade, the least expensive color option. Standard dimensions ranges from small 6" x 4' to very large 40" x 30'. Not all shaft styles are available in all sizes. Check our quick and easy column quote request page for the details.


Royal Corinthian architectural balustrades are the prize of Royal Corinthian manufacturing, created with the same polymer stone material used in our architectural columns. Royal Corinthian's patented balustrades system makes installation extremely easy, while remaining remarkably durable, and requiring little maintenance.

Royal Corinthian Balusters and Balustrade StairwayRoyal Corinthian Balusters and Balustrade BalconyRoyal Corinthian Balusters and Balustrade

Royal Corinthian balustrades are highly water resistant, with a water retention rate around .0001%, this translates to a highly weather resistant product that requires little maintenance and no painting. Royal Corinthian offers one of the largest selections, with over 20 different balusters designs, 5 posts, 5 rails and 6 colors. Royal Corinthian can also create custom systems, just give us a call at 415-488-4333.